You can quickly update inventory for a specific product in Delivrd. To do it, open the Inventory List page under Products & Inventory and scan the barcode of the product on this page. If you don’t have a barcode scanner, you can manually enter the SKU, EAN, or UPC of the product in the field above the inventory list, and then click the search icon.

If the system finds a result, you can directly receive or issue 1 piece from inventory, or choose to receive or issue any quantity you want. You can do it with the four buttons in the Inventory Transactions column: +1, -1, Receive, or Issue.

  • +1: Increase inventory by 1. Use it to indicate when the inventory is received from vendor or returned from customer.
  • -1: Decrease inventory by 1. Use it to indicate when the inventory is issued either to sales order or to scrap.
  • Receive: Receive products into inventory. For example, for a customer return or from a supplier.
  • Issue: Issue products from inventory. For example, for a customer order.

Click the corresponding button to open a window where you can enter the transaction details. For the Receive and Issue transactions, you can enter any value in the quantity field, whereas for the +1 and -1 transactions this field is not available for editing, because the quantity of transactions is 1.

To make the transactions even faster, you can turn off the remarks for inventory transactions in System Settings. As a result, Delivrd will carry out the transactions immediately, without asking for remarks when you select +1 or -1.

Any inventory transaction that you enter into Delivrd will be displayed in the transaction history. To open it, hover over the green icon with three dots in the upper-right corner of the inventory list, and then select Inventory Transactions Report

You can also view transaction history for individual inventory items. To do it, locate a specific item in the inventory list and click Transaction History under Actions.

Whenever you create an inventory transaction in Delivrd, you can enter a remark, such as a delivery note number. Documenting transaction details in remarks is very useful, in particular when working in multi-user environment.

In Delivrd, you can now search through remarks that are entered in transactions. To do it, enter a search term, such as a delivery note number, in the Search by remarks box.  As you enter it, the relevant transactions will appear.

Barcode scanning & simple inventory transactions make inventory management simple and fun: