In Delivrd, you can either create sales orders manually or import them from a tab delimited file. For correct import, fields in your import file should exactly match the structure of Delivrd's sample file that we are going to explain in this article.

Currently, Delivrd imports order data from text files. In a text file, each data field should be separated by a tab. 

Important! We suggest that you create your order import file in Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or any other spreadsheet software, and then download the file as a tab delimited file.

Here’s a sample of orders import file:
View sales orders sample import file

Header Line: The first line is a header line and is not imported into Delivrd. Each field in this line contains a description of the data of each field in the order lines.

Order Lines: an order data line should contain: Name, Street, City, Zip, StateProvince, PostalCode, Country, PhoneNumber, Email, RefOrder, RequestedDate, SalesChannel, ShippingCosts, LineNumber, SKU, Quantity, Value

Here are explanations of each data field in the sample file:

  • ImportLineNumber:  Sequential number of line in the order import file. The number for the header is 0.
  • Name: Name of the customer.
  • Street: Street address of the customer.
  • City: City of the customer.
  • StateProvince: State or province. For addresses in the USA, please enter 2-digit state abbreviation, such as NY. 
  • PostalCode: ZIP code or postal code of the customer.
  • Country: 2-digit ISO code of the country, such as US.
  • PhoneNumber: Phone number of the customer.
  • Email:  Email address of the customer.
  • RefOrder: Order number from the marketplace or your e-commerce website. For example, if the order originated from Amazon, the reference order number should be Amazon's order number. 
  • SalesChannel: Sales channel from which the order came. You must create this sales channel in Delivrd's Sales Channel list. 
  • ShippingCosts: The amount that the customer paid for shipping charges for this order. 
  • LineNumber: Line number of the sales order.
  • SKU: SKU number in Delivrd's product data.
  • Quantity: Ordered quantity.
  • Value: Unit price of the ordered product. 

Important! Please make sure that ALL of the fields have values. There cannot be empty fields.

To import your sales orders to Delivrd, follow these steps:

  1. In the navigation bar on the left, click Outbound Processing > Sales Orders.
  2. On the Sales Order List page that opens, click Import

3. On the import page that opens, you can either download Delivrd's sample file and fill it with your data, or import your own import file, but be sure that it matches Delivrd's sample file structure.
4. After you have added a file, click either Start Upload or Start.
5. After the file is uploaded, click Create Orders.
6. In case of successful import, the orders will apper on the Sales Order List page.